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Legal question about movies

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    Legal question about movies

    Hi everyone,

    Here is my question : I wrote a fantasy book and I would like to materialize a bit of my world with UDK. I don't want to distribute a game and I don't want to make any profits, I only want to make a movie of the "level" I want to create, with the camera that fly through the level, and put it on the net.

    As I've got a legal copy of GOW and UT3, can I put assets of these games in the movie if all credits are respected ? If not, how can I ask Epic to get the authorization to use these assets ?

    I love UDK, and I don't want to do anything illegal ! Thanks a lot for an official answer from the Epic Team !

    if you want official answers, email them.


      I wanted to do that, but I couldn't find any mail adress.
      Do you have any ?
      Edit : I found
      Sorry to bother you !