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modular building set

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    modular building set

    Hello everyone, and thank you for taking a look.

    current system limitations have put any project i would like to do on hold, just cant run udk without lag etc. So i decided to just work on assets. This got me started on a modular building set for myself so when i upgraded I could start building a world.

    This got me wondering would there be any use for such a thing that could be offered to the community.

    I.E it would be a set of meshes: road pieces/ building pieces where you just change the textures to match the current building etc you are working on as well as a few outdoor detail pieces. This would allow you to just drag/drop and build your scene like legos.

    I can put up pics if requested of what I have so far. As well as if there is something specific someone would like to see I can look into adding it.

    Thank you for your time

    it's always interesting, there have been a few already. I guess it's always depending on what you actually expect. If you want to make money with it, I guess it's the wrong place. If you say, it's free, since you had to do it anyway, many people will be grateful I think.
    I can say I would be interesed in everything urban, buildings, streets...