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Starting fresh or "modding" UT

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    Starting fresh or "modding" UT

    I kind of know that all UDK games are in essence a mod of UT but, I have a couple questions that will help me clarify.

    1.) How much of the UT code am I allowed to use in my final game? Can I use it all? None? (Im pretty sure I am not allowed to use any of their 3d assets so I'm curious if this ports to the code ones too)

    2.) From a coders prospective, and assuming that I can use the UT code, is it generally easier to inherit from UTClasses and overwrite what I don't need?, or should I just inherit the base classes and start from scratch.

    I know these are rough questions, and everyone is gonna be like "oh well that just depends on what kind of game your doing", but for all intensive purposes lets assume that my game whatever it maybe will be able to take features from a large part of the UT codebase.

    Thanks in advance!

    Your first assumption is incorrect, UDK games are not a mod of UT. Unlike UT, UDK is a branch of the engine itself. The inclusion of anything from UT3 is merely a demo to help you see how a game can be constructed. In fact, there is the option to not even include that in the UDK install.

    You are allowed to use all script included with UDK in a commercial project including the UT3 code.

    If you are doing a game type similar to UT in any way, such as a first person shooter, then it is probably easiest to extend from its classes and remove what you don't need.


      Thanks, and sorry for my assumption!

      I am not doing a first person shooter, I am doing an RTS, really I am just doing mini parts of the RTS while I learn about various things. I am not "really" doing a game so to speak or at least not one with the intent to release or build a team for.

      Now that you mention it I did notice that you could install a "clean engine" example, ok so that brings me to my next question...

      Are things like the weapon system, life system, and other various UT "core" aspects part of the engine or the UT code its self? Same with the AIPawn stuff... I feel like I will need the AIPawn system very heavy.... sense all my units in the game will basically be AIPawns.


        Those are part of the UT code yes.


          I think there are a lot places where I can use the UT code, and frankly do not have the understanding yet to duplicate it my self.... Im gonna go off the seat of my pants and give it a try... I am sure as I progress I will find ways to do things for my game custom, that i was relying on UT for in the past...

          Thank you, a metric ton Henrik!


            right, well that is what it's there for, to learn from. so good call.