Hi to all and thanks all and Epic for this possibility

I'm new.
I finish all Epic video tutorials and lot of youtube tutorials.
And is very fast to learn in this way

I wish all the epic documentation in video tutorial.
or at list not only tutorials for beginners.
there is video tutorials for intermediate and advance level from Epic?

Video of the contract with epic. How is Epic and history video.
how to make a hud, how to make start menu, how to copile and distribution of the game.
Example: how i manege package? is not automatic the migration from one UDK version to a new one. and is hard to find the correct info for it. Each time there is a new release i start all my game over again.
specially the scripting section or configuration of the game, resolution setup, the "stars" in the editor is not automatic save passing from one version to a new one.

there is a place for submiting a tutorial.
Is there a centralise mailing list for having the news of a new tutorial?
a centralise place .
is there a place where are all the video tutorials?

this is a nice list http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/UDKCommunityLinks.html
but are external content and we cannot comment in same cases or improve them.

I'm thinking this solution to this problems:
If I can ask, Is possible Epic make a dedicate section in the forum only for this subject:
[ Video tutorial ] or [Submit a tutorial] and [ Ask for a video tutorial ] . So we can ask and we can look and comment. So we can improve the video resolving bugs and questions to it.

if there is this place round the web net please tell me, i will be very grateful.

UDK is a strong tool but there is empty spaces between making art content videos and staring your game or finishing a game [video tutorials]. I love this product , just wanted to say what are my difficulties for better and a big thx for all your attention