Why is my lighting and shadowing getting screwed up when I convert a Static Mesh to a Mover?

Exhibit A:


The image on the top is of the Static Mesh. It's being illuminated by 3 dynamic (Movable) lights with shadow mapping enabled on all 3 of them. In addition to the lights, the material is being lit by a HDR texture. Everything looks great. The image based lighting works fine. The 3 dynamic lights look fine and each cast a shadow.

Now, the second image is with the head model converted to a Mover. All of a sudden only one shadow is being cast and the way that shadow interacts with the lighting has change (i.e. it looks like a pile of excrement.)

The last image is even worse yet. This is what happens when I remove all 3 lights from the scene. I have no idea why UDK is messing this up so badly.

Keep in mind this scene is being rendered with dynamic lighting + image based lighting alone. I have static light mapping disabled.