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[Concept] space flight game validity question.

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    [Concept] space flight game validity question.

    Hi folks!
    I'm new here so bare with me a moment. I will try to kip it short and simple.

    Game mode
    - Team death-match.

    - 0 gravity space void
    - Base/Spawn location - hangar bay of a inter-stellar "air-craft carrier" type ship.

    Your pilot actor would man a small space craft (let's call it your ship). At this point your ship becomes the actor (weapon controls etc are transferred to the user). Let's assume a small cargo ship where you can un-man the ship and take a few steps and enter an escape pod (I know there is a world size limitation and I also know there is the ability to scale it down to some extent before it "breaks"). Is spaceship warfare viable within UDK (think small)? If so would it be possible for a user crate preset configurations of weapons on such a ship (within given constraints of course - out of given components) prior to connecting to a server? Yet again if so should I use a vehicle template as a starting point for such a craft or do I need to build it from the ground up?

    Al in all is it doable in UDK or do I need to look for a different engine?

    Thanks in advance.

    This is all definitely doable. A lot of programming work to get the configurable ships with different strengths/abilities but UDK would work well for this. I don't think very much scaling down would be needed considering it's a team deathmatch. Anything too large and it becomes a chore for the player to get to the action.


      Let's just say that's far from the whole story (as you might imagine) but that was the part I was unsure UDK would be ok for. I'm still learning my way around how the vehicle and firing systems are constructed as UDK is the most complex game engine I've fiddled around with. Thankfully it's well documented. I'm glad to hear it will work. There seems to be a method to the madness (or however that saying goes) tho I'm ages away from figuring it out. Everything being an actor and simple fire button going through so many steps to fire is quite confusing.

      All in all thanks for the input it's much appreciated.