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Upgrading graphics card. GTX 660 (not Ti) or Radeon HD 7850?

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    Upgrading graphics card. GTX 660 (not Ti) or Radeon HD 7850?

    I am going to upgrade from my HD 5770 1GB. My budget is about $210. (max $216)

    Which one will be better for developing stuff in UDK (including content development) and general gaming? I'm not worried about having only Crossfire and not SLI since it is not likely I will be able to afford a second card in the future.

    Galaxy GTX 660 2GB:


    Sapphire HD 7850 2GB:

    The rest of my computer:

    Motherboard: Crosshair IV Formula
    CPU: Phenom II x4 975 BE @ 3600mhz
    RAM: 8GB (4 x 2GB) DDR3-1600 9-9-9-24 RAM @ 1333mhz (Corsair XMS-3)
    System HDD: Caviar Black WD6401AALS 640GB (32MB cache)
    PSU: OCZ ZT 750 (750 watt) (I was going for a 650-watt, but this one was only $10 more)
    Case: Cooler Master HAF 912 w/ 6 "stock" 120mm fans


    Though both cards work with UDK just fine, Nvidia has PhysX and Cuda, where AMD doesn't. PhysX is nice to have, but you won't be using Cuda for UDK. It has it's uses though, several programs use Cuda to do their calculations much faster than with the CPU, and if you use Blender, Cycles renders FAST with Cuda. But remember, it isn't used at all in UDK. If it was me, I'd go with the Nvidia card (after all, it's cheaper!), but both are quality cards.


      Nvidia is most of the time better for game development. ATI card are focused on games and sometimes break the compatibility with some 3D Software. I remember having some memory leak in Softimage because of the bad drivers from ATI. :\

      Note that I have used both type of cards and while I had a lot of drivers problem with ATI, I still have some with nVidia but in much less quantity.


        Nvidia 650 GTX (not ti)

        Hello! this is a compare of the Geforce gtx 660 vs Radeon HD 7850:

        as you can see they are about the same in benchmarks, and in power consumption...

        I recomend the following vga card "Geforce gtx 650 not (ti)" because of low power consumption and price:

        GTX650 vs GTX660:

        GTX650 vs Rad. HD 7850:

        Be wise and choose your GPU card!


          It also supports PhysX and what not. so yeah : D


            I decided to order the Galaxy GTX 660 GC 2GB a few days ago.

            I looked online at benchmarks and the GTX 660 did quite a bit better in games than the HD 7850 in most of the games benched on various websites. Plus there's PhysX, as James Ordner mentioned. Then I remembered reading in various places that UDK/UE3 is a more Nvidia-centric game engine.


              For anyone reading still reading this thread, I'd say definitely the 660. You get CUDA, for sure, but the thing that killed ATI for me with the GCN cards was the spiky frame problems. It made Skyrim a mess and unplayable for me. What does it matter if you get 80 fps if 3 or 4 of those frames spike over 50ms? It totally ruins the immersion for me.


              is an example. In game it's totally noticeable. In Skyrim, for instance, when I had the Radeon whenever I switched between a distant scene and a close scene there was a hiccup. When I got rid of the 7870 and plugged in a GeForce, it was smooth and overall a way better experience.

              Also, don't buy the 650, it's not worth it. Get at least a 650ti which has twice the CUDA cores.


                AMD cards are great, although i know Epic & Unreal have worked close for better performance on their HW,

                i use the 5750 on my dev. PC, DX11 Works Okay i guess, i've only tried IBR, nothing else really and have had no issues... playing games wise i get excellent framerates with high settings on Arkham City (w/o PhysX & tessellation). and Borderlands 2 works wonderfully.

                If you are going to go with nVidia, alot of people have recommended the 560ti over the 650/660 in price/performance, One of the bigger pluses with nVidia is that you get HW accelerated PhysX, which if your into that. go for it, you can still get pretty great results without it.

                Also for what it's worth,IMO, i feel that Crossfire and SLI is a bit overrated, i guess i can see why people do it, but i could never justify buying $300+ in GPUs just to have it be outperformed within the next few years or so. (for example i think they said Samaritan was demoed on a PC with 2 or 3 GTX 580s.. then ran it again with 1 GTX 680)


                  Remember to see the benchmarks!

                  the benchmarks on the "nvidia 650GTX" and 660GTX:



                  I still bet on the 650GTX "NOT Ti", low power consumption "64watt", and good averedge performance, with a fantastic price!!!


                    I just bought a 660 and it's running amazing for me


                      Nvidia > ATI.


                        Any Nvidia card over any ATI of the same generation.