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Unreal Editor and Perforce Integration

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    Unreal Editor and Perforce Integration

    I'm exploring a bit into perforce and it's integration into Unreal Editor. I am using Assembla as the host for the repository and I have everything setup on my local computer. In short, perforce works just fine through P4V. I also edited the DefaultEditorUserSettings to make sure that source control is enabled. When I start up Unreal Editor I didn't get any prompt to connect to the repository which I thought was weird. Furthermore, when I create a package I can't add it in UnrealEd I have to go to P4V to add it to the repo. I'm not sure if that was intended. Working past that, when I try to modify the test package and add another material, then save it I get a dialog asking if I want to check out the package. However, my only options are to make the package writeable on my pc or reconnect. Reconnecting doesn't work, but says "Unable to find server. Please try again.".

    So, in short, it seems like UnrealEd can't connect to my repository on Assembla even though I have P4V working correctly.

    Any help with this would be great. Thank you.



      I didn't get the Perforce login box either, although down the bottom it says that Source Control is enabled and connected.
      It's so weird man.

      Can anyone help?


        Open DefaultEditorUserSettings.ini file, and look for the [SourceControl] section. Make sure that Disabled is set to false, and add the following lines below.

        PortName=(Your Perforce server address and port e.g.
        UserName=(Your Perforce username.)
        ClientSpecName=(The client spec to use when checking out and submitting files, also known as workspace.)

        Hope this helps.