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Help getting pawn to face an object or enemy in game

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    Subtracting location a from location b should give you a vector pointing from b to a. Or maybe from a to b. I'm about 6 months out of practice

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  • Help getting pawn to face an object or enemy in game

    Hi we currently have a setup similar to the jazz example. Where one crowd enemy spawns and moves towards our "jazz" and we'd like jazz to face this enemy and fire.
    We tried in kismet grabbing the location and rotation of both but, are unable to figure what we should set jazz's rotation to make him face the enemy.

    We noticed the enemy automatically paths to jazz and faces him, can we somehow use this to our advantage?

    We're really stuck now in the early prototyping face of this game and we really need to get passed this as it's integral to our game moving forward.

    Is there any way for us to use the information we can get (location and rotation of both) to mathematically get the proper rotation for jazz to face this enemy?
    Do you think we can pull it off in just kismet or is there a unrealscript solution you would recommend more (we would prefer kismet).

    I feel like there's enough information we've gathered to get him to rotate properly we just don't have the mathematical understanding to pull it off.

    Please any help you could give will be much appreciated.