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display web pages in game?

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    display web pages in game?

    I've been banging my head against this for a couple days: I am trying to display a web page inside a game.

    My best attempt was using the Scaleform DefaultTextArea, getting the HTML content using an AS3 URLLoader, and setting the htmlText to the contents of the When I used Flash Professional's own movie player to test it, I could see both the text and images from inside the HTML, but no support for JavaScript or css via link ref. When I used the Scaleform Lanuncher inside Flash Professional, the text renders but not the images. When I import the swf file into UDK and load using a "Open GFX Movie" node in kismet, the widgets in the swf file displays in the game but the textArea is blank - no text or images from the html. To make matters worse, I see no way to import an html or jpg file into the content browser and get it into the same package as the swf file.

    So, bottom line: does anyone know a way to have full HTML rendering support inside a game, be it via Scaleform or any other way?

    this is already out there for Unity3d -
    has anyone seen anything similar for UDK?


    There is no existing built in solution, however you may be able to program a certain amount of web communication using httplink. I'm not sure. This tutorial may offer you some clue - dunno why it says UE1 but it's for UDK.

    Obviously this is for a user login system but you may be able to use the same principles to pull other kinds of data.

    Also remember that UDK requires images to be in a certain format.

    There is one solution I know of for full web page rendering that works with Unreal Engine, I forget the name but anyway it's a middleware solution and has not been integrated into UDK. All I will say is I know it's possible, but if you really wanted it you'd probably have to have a full engine license.


      I might be wrong but couldn't it be possible to hook up through DLLBind?