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    Originally posted by Crusha K. Rool View Post
    1. 99% sure that it won't.
    2. Very unlikely. UE4 won't be out before Epic released their first own game with it (Fortnite), and that is as far as I know unlikely to be released in 2013. And ever after it's release will it still take quite a while for UE4 to be released as UDK because they will only try to get the game stable until that point, not the tools.
    3. How could we know that already? It's likely, but nobody can't tell for sure until it's out.

    You are not doing yourself any favour by waiting for a specific feature set that is not even sure to be released in the near future, btw.
    1. Nobody knows whether or not there will be compatibility. However my personal guess would be that there will be a certain level of compatibility. For obvious reasons Unreal Script won't work anymore. However I don't think they've redone the Engine so much that nothing can be imported from UE3.
    2. Fortnite will be released in 2013 with the Beta set to start early in the year: I guess well hear a lot more about UE4 then but ofc noone knows when the new UDK will be released. My best guess would be late 2013 as well as that would allow for some time between Fortnite and new UDK release.
    3. I hope they keep the awesome license but we'll see when the time comes. Personaly I wouldn't be surprised if there are royalties right from the start. That 50k $ royalty free part seems to be almost too generous to stay. :P


      Originally posted by quanganht View Post
      Oh.. 2000$ for full UE3??

      But in anyway I didn't force you to think the same way as I am. So take it or leave it. Using aggressive words like that won't help at all. There are just too many people being pessimistic these days.

      Edit: just thinking that I should let you know one fact that is true: my previous studio managed to negotiate UE3 license price down to 100000 USD only, with 10% revenue share. I don't know where you got that 2000$ from. Considering that I heard a school paid 700000 for license plus some for each seat just to teach.

      Your studio lied to you or was robbed .....Even if the license was $100,000 it wouldn't even get close to what they make on games...........
      Perhaps you could redo maths at school while learning to make games!

      Pessimism and sarcasm is what idiot posts get replied with!!!


        I don't see this thread going anywhere productive so I am closing it.

        Name calling and being impolite to other users will not be tolerated. That better stop now.