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How access `PhysicalMaterial` from `Actor` Class ?

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    How access `PhysicalMaterial` from `Actor` Class ?

    I use Projectile for my weapon system and 'UDKProjectile' has two main function to handle Hit of projectiles(=bullet of my weapon):

    1. simulated function ProcessTouch(Actor Other, Vector HitLocation, Vector HitNormal) // For Actors
    2. simulated event HitWall(vector HitNormal, actor Wall, PrimitiveComponent WallComp) // Everything except Actors ( I guess)

    the first method, the function just give me the actor which I hit and my question is How I can get that actor's physical material by first parameter, in order to make a proper react about it ( for example a proper Sound of collide ) ...

    A tricky (but hateful ) way which I knew works is, make a Trace from a little back of that actor to that actor, and use HitInfo parameter which include physical Material ! But there should be a more standard way !