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Been a while. I have a project I'm thinking of working on.

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    Been a while. I have a project I'm thinking of working on.

    I'm proficient with the UDK. UScript, sounds, it all seems so easy.

    But, I have a major project I want to undertake, and I want to know if it's probable that a single person can do it.

    I want to make a multiplayer game for me and 3 of my friends, that consists of extremely low-poly, destructible buildings, basic "perks", and a small collection of weapons.

    By low-poly, I mean, low poly. The game itself really renders, in total 5-6K polys for each player, at any given time. The player, literally, is a square torus, with room for a 20-or-so poly weapon in the center. Basic text outlines, mesh spawning, and "explosives" may be present as well.

    And the textures? White. Entirely white. To balance out the look of the white, farther objects will look darker, (Possibly through a simple drawdistance() function that I can make. I'm not marketing this, why should it be by distance exclusively, and not by the simple mesh?) and Ambient Occlusion may be added, so that shapes are clearly defined.

    What does the forum say?