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2D Side-Scroller?

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    2D Side-Scroller?

    First of all, I'd like to say hello and I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I'm fairly new to UDK, so far I've been reading about the engine itself, it's capabilities and the general process of game production.
    The reason for my sudden interest in UDK is that me and two of my friends are trying to create a game, and we decided that we want to make a side-scrolling game first.

    I haven't played lots of side-scollers myself so I decided to get a couple of them, from the oldest, like Super Mario and Sonic all the way to the new side-scrollers like Limbo, Deadlight and Trine.

    So, we as a team decided to take the elements from these games that we liked the most and try to mix them up to get something new, and after a lot of thought we decided that we wanted to create a side-scrolling physics-based puzzle game and we decided to try to put it in some kind of let's say new and weird setting. Basically, the game will take place in the protagonists' memories.

    Only thing that hasn't been decided so far is: will the game be 3d, like Trine for example, or will it be 2d, like Limbo.
    But, I don't know can we create a 2d game with UDK. We're looking for that completely flat, shadowy feel of Limbo.

    So, the question is fairly simple, can we make such a game using UDK?


    Why? Why would you try to force a 3d engine to make 2d games? Yes and no, you can do a paper mario sort of deal and lock the camera to one axis so that it looks kind of 2d, but you'd still get perspective.


      Yes, it's possible, but you'll have to fake it a bit.