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(Solved) [Problem] Can't move CSG objects in perspective view

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    (Solved) [Problem] Can't move CSG objects in perspective view

    Hi! I asked help for this problem in another thread some days ago and it was not answered, so I'll try to expose it better here.

    When I make use of the red builder brush to make geometric CSG objects to use as walls, floors, etc. I get a problem: the CSG objects I make can't be transformed (rotated, scaled and moved) in perspective view because the widgets for moving, scaling and rotating simply don't appear in perspective view.

    I can though make use of the widgets in the ortographic views, and if I select the CSG object in an ortographic view and one transform widget is visible there, it gets also visible (and can be used) in perspective, but only temporary: if I disselect the object and select it again the transform widget is not visible.

    It's very remarkable to say that this only happens with CSG objects, not with imported meshes or included in UDK cube, sphere, etc.

    EDIT: Viewing the level in wireframe, I've seen that I can actually select and transform CSG things in perspective, BUT only if I select their edges, in any other case they can be selected, but not transformed.

    Any ideas? If you have any doubts with the explanation please say where.

    CSG objects must always be selected via their wireframe. You can't move the built faces like a mesh. What you do is hit "build" every time you perform a move on the wireframe, then you will see its new position. If you enable wireframe view in the perspective viewport menu then you will be able to do the same things you can do in the orthographic views. This is not remarkable at all, it's just the way CSG works in Unreal.

    Also, the ability to select the faces is primarily to manipulate the material of the CSG, rather than the "mesh" itself. Which is different from how other meshes behave (ie, you can then right click and pan/tile the texture on CSG but not on say, a static mesh).


      try this. you can set this per veiwport and i think you just put it off on your pers viewport, there is a comand for th

      hope this helps.

      ooh and if you already added that builder brush to a normal surface, you can select the object by klicking: ctrl + schift + lmb on a face.
      if you want to move your red builder brush and dont wanna klick the wireframe use the old school move techniqe: deselect all. then hold ctrl + drag lmb (X) (ctrl + rmb(Y) or ctrl + rmb + lmb(Z)
      same goes for rotating. alot of new comers to udk dont know this way of moving stuff and only know widgets, to bad because it works better alot of times.


        Henrik: thank you for explaining that, I think I possibly had thought I coudl select and move a CSG object by clicking any of its faces because I've seen that done in Geometry mode (well, that only selects a single polygon, not the hole object), so I then thought something similar could be done in Camera mode. I admire the help you give to the community in hundreds of threads.

        ZixXer: thank you for the visual image, but that was OK in my editor. I've also checked the combination of keys you said and found them very useful, especially the Ctrl + Shift + LMB, it does exactly what I wanted to do: select fastly a GSG object via his faces. So thank you a lot!


          Originally posted by Riser View Post
          I admire the help you give to the community in hundreds of threads.
          Thanks! No problem.. someone's gotta do it