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Moddable games and Game Tv?

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    Well you could record the screen with dllbind then use dllbind to send the video to your tv server as for mods yes you could make mods with udk the same way ut had mods made if you tell the engine to look for them in the ini files

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  • started a topic Moddable games and Game Tv?

    Moddable games and Game Tv?

    I'm currently shopping game engines (still) for a multiplayer FPS. I was wondering if it would be easy for people to make custom maps with the UDK tools when I release my game. Custom maps are a big and important part of the community I'd be building. Also, is there a way to do game tv? As in someone could connect to a TV server and watch a match? I'm unfamiliar with the limitations of Unrealscript so I was wondering if someone more knowledgeable could give me a hint.