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    UDK and MMORPG

    Where to start this post?...

    Well.... this isn't just one more thread asking if i can create a mmorpg with udk i have something more to ask. So dont crucify me before read the post

    I'm working on a project to make a MMORPG. Not just one more mmorpg but a very very diferent mmorpg. A hole new level. "But... man.... are you insane??" Yep, maybe...

    I'll start working on the game itself in 2 or 3 years maybe. For now i'll keep working in the story, concept art, creating game stuffs, systems and how things will be and etc etc (and improving my C++ programming).

    I'm willing to use UDK (from UE4). Since ill start creating the game in 2~3 years i hope the new udk has already been lauched.

    I'm also aware of the insanity of things that needs to create a mmorpg (believe... i am )

    What i want to know is. If i were to use the current version of UDK how good it deals with massive multiplayer?

    To create a MP game i have to start the process with this in mind or can i finish some steps of the game first and then start the MP step?

    Of course i'll keep studing the udk and when i have knowledge enough i'll start the game.

    Has already been said anything regarding MP in UE4? If something will be improved or implemented?

    Super short answer: You can't do MMOs in UDK. And we know nothing of MP in UDK4/UE4 and its support for MMO.

    Super long answer:!


      Ops... forgot the search. Sorry.

      So... no udk. Got it.