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    I've been waiting for them to link up your mic volume to a sound node thats attached to your characters NPC within a 3d world and its own sound has a radius of its own, thats linked up to the characters FaceFX?
    So its lips move and stuff. You wont have to shout in real life the game will do that for you already if your too far away.
    But the closer you are to a team mate your mic volume will keep at a certain volume percent?
    So if your team mate is talking to you he/she starts to shout ingame as he/she goes further away from as the sound starts dissipating. Maybe the character can have a hand animation with the character signaling hand next to mouth like you do when you yell something
    I know a lot of people might hate this but it sure as hell would decrease radio chatter especially when you're talking to each other teammates or co-op whatever in a 3d world env where the ai can hear you talking or the other players. Sound and talking ingame just had a whole new meaning.


      Well "local area" type voip already exist. As does lip syncing for your character.


        Indeed. I recall early 360 games that had this. I want chocolate milk!

        Halo 3 also used it - you could hear enemy voice chatter if you were nearby, not that anyone ever noticed because it's full of kids and idiots running around like headless chickens.