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    Ship Game (HEELPP)

    Hello UDK:

    I have noticed some inconvinience about the information of UDK. Every single tutorial I have has a default player, which is a skeletal mesh character.

    If I want another type of character which is not a skeletal one, in my case is a SHIP or VESSEL, how can I configure this? The programming shouldn't be that difficult because this ship will move forward, backward and rotate using the keyboard arrows.

    Please if anyone knows about it please post


    No programming should be involved here mate, it's exactly the same as a character the exact same process only this time it's a ship or a vessel


      Posted twice sorry about that,


        Is thereĀ“s a Tutorial when you can assign Objects, or non skeletal mesh as a pawn. I am new on this so if you can help me it will be great


          but as i said it is a skeletal mesh, only the model will be a ship, for example have you played games where there are dogs, cats and mice ? well they are skeletal meshes and they have the same properties than the human characters you see in game only they do not look the same but it's the same process,


            ok. . . so I need to assign bones to the ship, (which is one I think), then export it as a FBX or ASCII format??


              you can add some dummy helpers in 3dmax to your ship and add the skin modifier, then export it to udk and your ship will now be a skeletal mesh, that's what i do when i want to use a simple static mesh as a pawn, is easy, you don't need to know a lot about 3dmax, in fact i don't know much about it.

              hope this help you


                Yeah assign bones to the ship, rig it, and you can animate it if you want and export it as an FBX not an ASCII i don't think this is supported, and when it's done go to UTFamilyInfo_Liandri_Male and in there overwrite the skeletal mesh path, the animset path and the physics asset path if you have one,


                  Its great that you helped me friends thanks


                    Hello budy again:

                    Where do I replace the actual UT character with the SHIP? and where can I find the contollers for speed, torque etc. etc


             as i said in here, go to UTFamilyInfo_Liandri_Male.uc and overwrite the character path and the animset path and the physics asset path if you have one, for the speed modify the GroundSpeed on the defaultproperties of your pawn class, for torque i am not sure how this can be set as i do not have a clear idea of what it is,


                        Hello Bro:

                        This is the Code of the UTFamilyInfo_Liandri_Male.uc and the FBX of the Ship is Pospanamaxfbx.fbx. So, how can I replace the Liandri male with my ship?


                        * Copyright 1998-2012 Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

                        class UTFamilyInfo_Liandri_Male extends UTFamilyInfo_Liandri


                        CharacterMesh=SkeletalMesh'CH_LIAM_Cathode.Mesh.SK _CH_LIAM_Cathode'

                        ArmMesh=CH_Corrupt_Arms.Mesh.SK_CH_Corrupt_Arms_Ma leA_1P
                        RedArmMaterial=CH_Corrupt_Arms.Materials.MI_CH_Cor rupt_FirstPersonArms_VRed
                        BlueArmMaterial=CH_Corrupt_Arms.Materials.MI_CH_Co rrupt_FirstPersonArms_VBlue

                        CharacterTeamHeadMaterials[0]=MaterialInterface'CH_Corrupt_Male.Materials.MI_CH _Corrupt_MBody01_VRed'
                        CharacterTeamBodyMaterials[0]=MaterialInterface'CH_Corrupt_Male.Materials.MI_CH _Corrupt_MHead01_VRed'
                        CharacterTeamHeadMaterials[1]=MaterialInterface'CH_Corrupt_Male.Materials.MI_CH _Corrupt_MBody01_VBlue'
                        CharacterTeamBodyMaterials[1]=MaterialInterface'CH_Corrupt_Male.Materials.MI_CH _Corrupt_MHead01_VBlue'

                        PhysAsset=PhysicsAsset'CH_AnimCorrupt.Mesh.SK_CH_C orrupt_Male_Physics'
                        AnimSets(0)=AnimSet'CH_AnimHuman.Anims.K_AnimHuman _BaseMale'

                        BaseMICParent=MaterialInstanceConstant'CH_All.Mate rials.MI_CH_ALL_Corrupt_Base'
                        BioDeathMICParent=MaterialInstanceConstant'CH_All. Materials.MI_CH_ALL_Corrupt_BioDeath'


                          it should not be .fbx normally, go on the content browser and look for your mesh then right click on it and click on copy full name to clipboard then paste it utfamilyinfo_liandri_male.uc, show us what you've got after you have done that so that i can be sure that it is a correct content browser path,