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    Basic UDK Question

    Hey all,

    I'm pretty new to the UDK and these forums and general, so why not make my first post a question

    Ok, so I've been thinking alot lately about an idea I have for a game and as I begin to learn Blender for model making etc, and as I import meshes from Blender into UDK some questions arise. Not problems necessarily.. thankfully the importing process has gone smoothly so far, but I questions.

    Basically I want to make various levels consisting of cubes, kind of like Q.U.B.E.

    So In Blender I make a simple cube, edit a little etc, and duplicate many times, and finally make a wall of cubes.

    When I import them into the UDK if combines all of the cubes into one mesh. Is it possible to import them as one file, so that I can make a cube level in blender and import it fully into the UDK, and yet separate cubes. See, for my game idea I want each cube to be able to be interacted with.

    For instance, if you shoot one cube it explodes, or turns red, or moves, or something, while not affecting the rest of the wall. Must I import hundreds of separate cubes and arrange them in the UDK, or could I potentially import one level and still have each individual cube be separate from the rest?

    Thanks for any help/advice you can give me I really appreciate it!

    It seems like you are misunderstanding the process of creating assets for games.

    You don't create every single instance of an object, instead you create one, then use that multiple times.
    You also generally don't create the level in your modeling package, you create the assets then build the level in the game engine (the editor in this case).

    If everything just going to be boxes, you also only need one model of a box. For it to have different colours, you simply create multiple materials, or even just one material with a material instance constant with a color parameter.


      I see, so I would have to make a level one cube at a time?


        Well you could place 1 cube, then copy+paste it, then copy+paste those 2, etc.


          That is what I have resorted to, and it actually works quite well.

          Is there any way to edit material of multiple objects? Or is there a way for me to make a custom material in the material editor - save that - and apply it to a load of objects all at once?


            Originally posted by MattD View Post
            Is there any way to edit material of multiple objects? Or is there a way for me to make a custom material in the material editor - save that - and apply it to a load of objects all at once?
            Yeah, you can select multiple meshes, then right click, hit "properties". Under "Static Mesh Actor" > "Rendering" There is the "Materials" property. Click the green plus sign if there isn't a text box already. With your material in the content browser selected, hit the green arrow next to the text box and your static meshes will then have that material. Keep in mind that if the material isn't designed for those objects you may have problems with UV's.


              im not exactly sure what your trying to do, but what i can gather is that when you build in blender, build the wall, and leave out the one that is being interacted with by the character.

              for example, make a tic-tac-toe level, building the blocks 9 in total. if you want one of those to move, or change color to gain access to another level, then build the wall with 8 boxes as a solid and then add the 9th one as a stand alone interact-able item in UDK.


                Thanks for the advice tickster, but aldighieri solved my problem Thanks for the help, I think I understand now!


                  Hi everyone!

                  I just looking for some kind of tool in UDK which could helps me select multiple object or static meshes, like "Outliner" in Maya

                  Because when scene grows up, too hard select a lot of static meshes manually

                  If somebody has idea how solve it, I would very appreciate any help


                    Why don't you post a new thread that actually has something to do with your question instead of one from almost a year ago that has nothing to do with it?


                      Hold Ctrl+Shift, then hold the left mouse button in a 2d viewport and drag.