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    Noob Training

    Greetings all,

    I'm completely new to UDK. I would like to use it to create a short film. (I will not be creating a game.) I've read through a lot of Epic's web site, but most is focused on game creation. My question:

    Can anyone recommend any good web sites or introductory tutorials for the beginner? Especially with the goal of making Cut Scenes. I would like to get a better sense of the pipeline. I have Maya and Mudbox, so it looks like I would be creating meshes in those. If possible, I would like to do the rest in UDK.

    The UDK looks amazing and I would like to minimize the frustration factor when diving in.

    Thanks much!


    Hi Peace,

    I can help you learn how to use matinee and cameras in the UDK so you can start setting up your film. Use this thread to ask questions and the community will guide you.

    I started learning from the tutorials available at:



      Wow. 20 minutes since I posted and you have already given me a great start. Hourences looks like a great resource. Thanks!



        Also LexLuthor's Youtube page is a amazing resource. There is also which has some good stuff.


          Thanks, dec0y! I'll check them out. Have a good weekend.