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System Requirement for UDK 4

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  • System Requirement for UDK 4


    Just one questions for professional. I'm student developer who always willing to try new technologies,
    I've seen E3 UDK 4 graphic demo, I was impressed but what kind computer power is required to run such tech demo in real time?
    I'm going to buy new computter quite soon for game development and gaming, what kind computter power are you suggesting me to buy
    to run such dynamic particle simulations.

    I asked here because I think Epic games knows what hardware they used to run it.


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    Well, it wasn't UDK 4, it wasn't UDK at all. It was Unreal Engine 4 which is the full license only edition. And I would highly doubt that they are going to release UE4 as a free UDK edition for quite some time.

    If you plan to license UE4 when it's available you should get an Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 card. Also make sure you have plenty of Ram.

    For a little for information go Here.


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      Its far too early for this, who knows with optimizations you might be able to run it fine on a 460gt and at some point it might even get upgraded and become dx12 only. Im going to assume Win8 and DX11.1 are a requirement here, ram on the other hand might not be such a huge issue since we arnt caching huge lightmaps anymore, gpu ram will be very important though Im guessing and Im thinkin that this is a 3gb card they're running especially with the resolution of not only the monitor but textures


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        I don't see Windows 8 as being a requirement, but DX11 yes.

        The card they are using is a GTX 680, which is either 2GB or 4GB, most likely 2GB since the 4GB ones aren't widely available yet.


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          i wont bother with a 680, get a 670 or a 690, the 680 is good, but you get the same performance from a 670 and its overkill on its own anyway. but the 690 is a god in its self. that card is like a production card but cheaper


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            690 isn't at all like a production card. I'd go for 670 since it's almost as good as the 680 and both can get 4GB. The 690 only has 2GB


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              Originally posted by darthviper107 View Post
              690 isn't at all like a production card. I'd go for 670 since it's almost as good as the 680 and both can get 4GB. The 690 only has 2GB
              the 690 comes in 2-8gb and is 2 gtx 670's in 1. yes its not like a production card but its performs almost just aswell and is alot cheaper compared.
              i agree with getting a 670 there is only like a 4fps difference between it and the 680


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                Well, in comparison you'd get much better performance getting 2 GTX 670's than one GTX 690, it'd be cheaper too. But compared to a production card, there's some differences, production cards are no good in games but are more reliable and have better drivers for 3D design programs.