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    Change map transition

    I've been trying to change the map transition that plays when you change maps. This seems to be controlled by:


    In DefaultEngine.ini

    These seem to refer to UDKGame\Movies\UDKFrontEnd.udk_loading.bik.
    There is also a UDKFrontEnd\udk_loading.fla in the Flash folder.

    I've been successful in changing the bik movie to something else. It plays as expected. However, there are still text overlays with the map name and gameplay hint. The udk_loading.fla and UDKGame\Localization\INT\ do seem to contain the texts, but changing the flash, compiling and reimporting it does nothing (also this flash has images that don't show up in the loading screen so not sure if it's the flash displaying those texts). Even though you change the StartupMovies and LoadMapMovies to something else, the text overlays are still being displayed.

    How do you remove the text overlays? Where exactly are they?

    Check out GameViewportClient.uc (or UTGameViewportClient.uc), you can define the class to use in the DefaultEngine.ini and/or UDKEngine.ini (search for GameViewportClientClassName)

    function DrawTransition(Canvas Canvas) is what you are looking for to modify what to display during transition....but it's a pity these function will only be called once, and the displayed text cannot be dynamic in any way (no loading progress bar for example)


      Thanks, that was it.