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Importing content without opening the editor.

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    Importing content without opening the editor.

    I just found out about this great option:

    "D:\UDK\UDK-2012-05\Binaries\Win64\UDK.exe gfximport".

    If we add this into a bat file, then by running that bat file, we are able to reimport our flash movies without opening the UDK editor.

    Well, I think that it would be very nice if UDK had something like this for everything that we need to import into the editor.

    For example, to import a staticmesh:
    "D:\UDK\UDK-2012-05\Binaries\Win64\UDK.exe staticmeshimport -Staticmesh path + name -PackageToSave".

    We could even have this for the gfximport, because right now, it only works for reimport, not for importing a new flash movie, I think.


    You could use -BULKIMPORTINGSOUNDS for sound cues I guess, but other than that, I don't think it's possible...
    Would be a cool feature if we could do this though!


      I prefer to have UDK open while importing assets so I can physically see them in the engine to make sure things like smoothing groups and material IDs come in properly. Often times I'll "finish" an asset, import it, and see something that should be changed when running real time. That's just me though.