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UDK Needs an Automated Associative Program

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    UDK Needs an Automated Associative Program

    The AAP program would tell the user prior to downloading the UDK Kit whether their PC met the requirements necessary for it to operate the UDK Kit.

    Before the user downloads the UDK Kit they can click the AAP Button that would then sync the pc between the UDK server. The UDK server would then scan the users PC for hardware and software present that is consistent with being able to operate the UDK software on the their pc.

    Every system that checks out that meets the minimal and recommended would have a green check by it's system device.

    Those that could possibly run okay would be in yellow with recommended hardware.

    Those in red would need to be replaced before attempting to use the UDK Kit.

    This simple program will ease the pain of determining whether or not a users system is able to use the UDK Software.

    Most people know well or not if their system can run UDK, the minimum requirements are pretty clear. And most serious developers exceed the requirements anyways.