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    Looking for an Animator

    Hello, my name is Sam and I am currently leading development of a third person shooter built with UDK. We are still in the early stages of development but things are ramping up quickly. We have a solid team of artists, designers, and programmers. However as we sit now we are lacking a much needed animator. There will not be a ton of work to do in this area but it is important that we put the animations together well as one of the main mechanics of the game will rely heavily on it being animated correctly. I attended University of Advancing Technology for the past few years and am now a graduate. During my time there I met may talented people. Unfortunately animation was a category that lacked at this University.

    We are looking for an animator to help us in making the best product possible. This is not intended to be a student project. We hope to release it on steam once completed. Idealy we would like a talented animator to join the team and work with us throughout development of this title and beyond. This is not my first project in UDK. I actually worked on a project known as the Afflicted for a little over a year as lead level designer as well as led weapon development, balancing, and unlock structure.

    If interested please email me with a small demo of your skills. I will answer more questions about what exactly the project is at that point.

    Just to be clear this will not be a paid position but has potential to make money should the game do well.

    Please send all inquiries to

    Wrong forum, move to the recruitment boards. Good luck with the project.

    /nevermind, i see you posted there too.