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    Sound problems

    I'm trying to put some sounds and music into an almost finished level, but I'm getting some strange issues:

    When the player stands still, jumps/falls, climbs or swims, the music starts lagging terribly.
    When the player walks, the music works perfectly fine.

    Here's a short video of it:

    I've tried both short sounds and music that came with UDK and some that I imported, all with the same result.
    I've added sound cues and ambient sound - again all with the same result.
    This happens when I put the sounds directly into the level with auto play. If I try to start the sounds/music through kismet, it won't play at all except that it randomly makes some loud "knocking"-sounds like when you hit a mic.

    When I try the same sounds/music in other levels (like the templates), they work just fine.

    Someone suggested it might have something to to with streaming of sublevels. But when using sounds and music in another level where I streamed sublevels, it worked just fine.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this problem are greatly appreciated!