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Issue with Bone Rig, physics, and skeletal controller

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    Issue with Bone Rig, physics, and skeletal controller

    Hello all,

    This is my first time posting on here and till now I've gotten by on several tutorials, documentation, and by looking though existing code to solve my issues. I have had one stay with me since I began learning UDK and it is how to make an antenna on a vehicle work. Someone suggested I take a look at the Goliath tank and see how that is done but I do not have access to it. I checked online to see if there was any other way and I came across this: UDKSkelControl_CantileverBeam-This controller creates a spring to simulate cantilever beams, such as a vehicle antenna. Great but although I found that and some instructions I have another problem and that is with Bones and problems all over the place with what would seem like a simple thing to do. I will make this short and sweet now that I gave some background into what I am trying to do.

    I believe this issue has to do with the way the bones are rigged but am not entirely sure so I hope posting here is acceptable.

    1. Below the the picture of the bone setup. Radio3 is attached to Root. Root has 100% control of the base of the antenna and Radio3 has 100% control of the top, inbetween the transition is gradual to make for a smooth bend.

    2. I also setup physics for the bone and when played it seems to do its job. The problem is this is not seen in the editor, there is absolutely no reaction.

    Could you guys point me in the right direction or tell me what steps I might have missed to get this working? It would be greatly appreciated!


    Issue with UDKSkelControl_CantileverBeam

    Hey guys,

    sorry for exhuming this old thread but I wasn't able to find a sufficient answer in that forum by using the search.

    I'm stuck with the same issue as the TO. The rig I created consists of two bones and drives a cylinder mesh with 10 height segments. The bone at the top is linked to the root bone at the bottom. Easy as it can be.
    Once in UDK I followed the instructions from the but with no success.

    What happens? Well, the cylinder bends somehow, but both the root as well as the branch bone stay fixed at their certain location. (I supposed the branch bone should bounce around )
    Honestly, I've tried all settings and tons of variations, still with no success.

    Could someone kindly share his wisdom and provide a working sample? Or at least the minimum settings that need to be adjusted?
    (If required I can come up with some screenshots.)

    I finally solved the issue, there was something wrong with the skinning of the cylinder. Should have used 3dsmax for skinning in the first place...

    Thanks in advance and have a happy dev time.