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Game design thoughts about adventure style game

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    Game design thoughts about adventure style game

    Hi, guys!

    When playing adventure games in 3D (for example "Memento Mori"), do you prefer the "normal" point and click interaction with the mouse or could you think of using the keyboard to move the main character (for example : Heavy rain) . I know Heavy rain was only for ps3, but you could easily use the PC-keyboard to stear Ethan around the 3D world.

    I think you are a bit limited when using a point and click interface, because the camera angle has to be from the top in angle so you can see enough of the floor space.

    If you use a keyboard to move the character around you can have the camera placed over the shoulder, right behind him or in front of him = this makes the scene more interesting.

    Have you got some good ideas on how to interact with objects the player can examine? I´m thinking of trigger zones.
    Or would a mixture of both make sense i.e. move the character via keyboard and have clickable objects to examine?

    Looking forward to your opinions,