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File sorting program?

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    File sorting program?

    Does anyone know of any good programs to keep my files organized?

    Due to inter-dependencies all of my classes have to be in the same folder, and there's a lot of them, and I expect the amount to grow exponentially.

    I was thinking of something along the lines of categorizing without creating new folders, like some sort of splitter, or a tag to sort by, or maybe just a program that can browse through files as if they were within seperate folders.
    Anything that can help me split things up really. Any suggestions?

    I was always in need of such thing also, just never got to looking. This would sure be useful.

    One way to do this is to give each file a prefix.



    This is what I have been doing for now.


      Yeah, that is a decent solution in the long run. I have a lot of files already with a lot of references to them already, so it's going to take a while. But I mean at least it's something.

      I tried looking for a program or anything else that would do this, but haven't seen any.


        For UnrealScript you can make more folders at the same level as MyMod, just have a Classes folder inside them and put your scripts there. You have to add the folder name to your DefaultEngine.ini file, before the entry for your project. Those are actual folders. If you want virtual folders you can do that in VisualStudio Projects.


          I'm afraid that doesn't work:
          Due to inter-dependencies all of my classes have to be in the same folder,
          And I'm not using visualstudio.

          However, the term "virtual folders" seems to bring up the results i'm looking for. I'll see if I can find something.



            Virtual folder feature is only available in Visual Studio C++. They are called filters. You can setup Visual Studio Express C++ to open the files inside it, but you won't be able to get keyword highlighting or parsing options that you would normally get from Visual Studio Shell + nFringe.


              You can add basic syntax highlighting by creating a usertypes.dat file and adding the keywords you need. I have one setup if you need it.


                I meant I found virtual folder programs. So no need.