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Landscape material problem

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    Landscape material problem

    Hey guys.I'm relatively new to the landscape system and have run into a problem. Everything is working fine however when I try and paint my dirt layer, I just get a bunch of white squares on my landscape, even though my other layers seem to paint fine.. Any ideas? Will post screens if necessairy.

    thanks in advance!

    landscape seems to have some limitations regarding layers and textures, however they aren't explained anywhere.
    according to what I've seen on UDN with the LandscapeLayerSwitch material node, you should be able to use quite a big number of layers, but from my experience if you reach a limit of textures per landscape component (I think) the material won't work and will be switched for the default 'squares' one. could also be because that aditional layer causes the material to use too many instructions but I'm not sure

    I myself have a problem where I can't erase all of a previously painted layer from a landscape component, else the game will crash and the log's dying words will be something about 'finding a new key' or something