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Rotating, Moving spawned actor

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    Rotating, Moving spawned actor

    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to rotate a spawned actor and it doesn't work with Matinee. I've been searching all over google for this and finally decided to ask here.

    1. Spawn actor (static mesh)
    2. Make it move or rotate when clicked on with the mouse/pointer

    Why is it so hard to do a simple thing in UDK. I'm coming over from Cryengine because of more tools, but hitting brick walls with the simplest things - apparently you can't spawn an interp actor (if you can please let me know how), that you can move, then you can spawn static meshes, but you can't move them. I mean, WTF!!!

    You really shouldn't set this kind of thing up with Kismet, kismet is meant for relatively simple, level specific events, and that's pretty much it.

    The rest should be done through unrealscript, doing what you what is quite easy, if you know unrealscript.


      Thanks for the quick responce.

      I see. But such a simple thing should be easily accomlishable through kismet.

      Could you point me to scripts that do that?