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Any good tutorials for a beginner in Unrealscript?

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    Any good tutorials for a beginner in Unrealscript?

    This has probably been posted hundreds of times but I actually couldn't find a (recent) thread.
    Me and about 10 other people have decided to make (or at least try to make) a ultra realistic fps game in using Unreal, an amazing engine by the way .
    I have the correct setup in notepad++ now because I've seen some tutorials, but I never really got what each individual class does.
    Are there any good books or tutorials for me to pick up the basics and learn to type my own code?

    Also, what is Unrealscript like in compared to Java or C/C++?

    Thanks a lot to all replies!

    The book I wrote was released in December, there's a link in my sig and a lot of people here have found it very helpful for beginners. Happy coding!

    As for your question, UnrealScript is similar to Java.


      Thanks, I'm looking forward to buying it this week!