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TextureRenderTarget2D's in the UDK.

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    TextureRenderTarget2D's in the UDK.

    Frankly how do I use these to my advantage. This seems great for something like a water or a mirror, and I tried following the UDN documentation but it always just comes out wrong. What I mean by that is I do it the exact (I am most positive anyway) same way they do it, but I either get errors or I get a image with a majority of it covered in green (no not small green artifacts mind you, like 50 percent of the image green).

    I don't know if I am doing something just utterly wrong or what. Also you know the content pack they give you at the bottom of the documentation? Well that appears to ALSO be completely green! So it may be something with the UDK or I dunno, but this is just odd.

    If anyone could help that would be swell ^_^.

    It shows up as green before it has something to render.


      Which UDN page is this?


        This is the page

        I have assigned it to an actor already to render out a reflection as told to in the page...


          Unable to duplicate the problem on my machine.

          What are your system specifications?



            Motherboard: Gigabyte X58A UD7 (Rev. 1)
            CPU: I7 920 OC'd to 4GHz
            RAM: 6 GB of Corsair Dominator RAM.
            GPU: MSI GTX 580 OC'd to 900/1800/2100
            OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

            Did you do it as they did it on the page, cause that's I'm pretty sure I am doing it exactly as they state to do so....

            I am also using the Feburary 2012 UDK.....

            EDIT: Try this. Can you upload a package that contains your TextureRender2D working so that I can examine it's material and see what I am doing wrong? Or to see if it will work much at all?


              To help clarify what's going on. Here is a picture of the "DistortedReflectionContent" Package straight from the UDN page.

              As you can see, the whole texture is green. Note I did not mess with these at all, this is the un-tampered package....


                Once you hook it up to a SceneCaptureActor, the Green Texture should update. Post the properties of your Scene Capture Actor.