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    UDK Custom characters

    Hi again!

    I'm sorry if there is already any created post asking this, but I've searched all the internet and I couldn't find a straight answer. So here it is:

    I'm a Cinema 4D user. I want to get an overview of how to create custom characters. So, please answer me this :
    1. I create my character in Cinema 4D. Do I have to create there my skeleton (rigging) or can that be done inside UDK?
    2. The animation of the character must be done inside Cinema 4D or can it be done in UDK? (for example rigging the character in Cinema 4D and then animating it in UDK)
    3. How does it works to have several "body parts" separated? For example: my character has an helmet, boots and its main body. Do I have to create an "uncontiuos" mesh and then apply to it the rigging and animation or there is a way of rigging/animating the main body and then "attaching" the helmet and the boots?

    I've mentioned Cinema 4D but if you want to explain it with 3D Studio Max it's ok, it's all the same thing

    Any help will be appreciated!

    You'd have to do all this within Cinema and yes, you can have seperated body parts for the mesh itself. Check out this for example:

    For your first 2 questions I'd recommend to get some rigging tutorials for your preferred 3D tools and check out the UDN pages for custom characters.