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Need help please! Final Project for school.

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    Need help please! Final Project for school.

    Hi there I just had a question about these static mesh lights im using from UDK. I was wondering if there's a way to offset the flickering pulse of the lights or even just make them stationary with out them flickering? I posted a video to show you. I dont want them all to be flickering at the same time as it looks very unrealistic.

    Thank you for your time.


    That should be no problem.

    You can set up material instances with the proper options for the time variation. How exactly depends on how the material you used for the lamps looks like.


      I dont know what you mean? the light im using comes with the UDK program as a static mesh. I opened up the material editor once I found the material of the light but dont know what to do from there.


        ah these aren't your assets?

        OK. Basicly its like this: You have a main material, where you have special nodes that can be accessed by MaterialInstances. These instances allow you to change certain parameters without having tons of different materials which would need to be computed and also taking up precious space.

        So what you'd need to do is to find out which parameters control the flickering, then make them accessible (if they aren't already) via parameter nodes and after that create 2, 4 MaterialInstances of that material and change the values of these instances, so that they all differ. Then you give each lamp his own instance.

        Read this: