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Why no Star Wars Action RPG

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    Why no Star Wars Action RPG

    Beyond the intellectual property, permission, and credits; I find it strange that there are not plenty of people jumping to make a star wars RPG. I would assume most anyone who has played one of the elder scrolls games has at some point considered how awesome it would be to have a lightsaber while playing, so they got a lightsaber mod. I loved SWKOTOR and jedi outcast/academy, but again I assume most people that played them would have loved it more if the best qualities were combined. Imagine if you will a game that took Skyrim's skill system, KOTOR's modular crafting and story telling, and Jedi Academies real time saber combat. I am just wonder why such a thing hasn't been done, or to my knowledge really attempted.

    If you mean by hobbyists or mod teams then the two clear reasons are: 1) Far to large a project which would never get anywhere substantial. 2) Lucas would come down on them like a tonne of bricks.

    If you mean a proper retail game, well, there's been two KOTOR games which were RPG's and there have been two MMORPG's. They're not Action RPGs but they're still RPGs. Chances are creating a Skyrim-like Star Wars game would heavily infringe on The Old Republic's sales right now. No one could really say why it hasn't been attempted in the past, though, but we can guess that up until Oblivion, Elder Scrolls RPGs were relatively niche games and very specialist in terms of development work. If LucasArts even considered making such a Star Wars game, they probably discounted it as being far too costly for how well they thought it would sell.

    Either way, I'm pretty sure this is the completely wrong place to be asking why a certain type of Star Wars game doesn't exist. This is the UDK General Discussion forum, for general discussion about using the UDK, not an off-topic gaming forum.