i have been doing Research about all wired controllers i can find (Scuf, Onza, Madcatz MLG) because i am in need of a new controller and i have the money to spoil myself with a scuf or MLG but i keep getting mixed reviews about these controllers. First off I do not feel like buying a Onza because of the bad reviews which seem to outweigh the good reviews by a TON. The sticks breaking and triggers being not responsive in a matter of days were the most common of the bad reviews. I do not want to spend money on a controller that will be gone within a week. So i decided to look at the madcatz MLG pro circuit controller, yet again i am confused with all the mixed reviews saying its not worth the money because of the d-pad and thumb sticks. The last controller someone told me to look up was the scuf controller and i automatically feel in love with how it looks and the concept of the controller. The price on the other hand has me a little worried for what seems like a controller created based on one game(call of duty). So i continued my research and yet again i am getting mixed reviews about the controller and Gears of war. I play gears of war the most but i do play FPS also so in my mind this would be a great buy. The one problem i am having is I play alternate control scheme without claw grip i find it extremely uncomfortable so i looked at what i can do with the scuf controller to help me. I already know that the trigger stoppers are no good for gears and since its the main game i play i will not be getting them. The paddles are the most important for me my only problem is what to map them too. Alt controls have me using X for roadie run/roll and a for cover/wall bouncing so which paddle should i configure to which button and if anyone else that has this controller can enlighten me with information such as are the paddles reliable when wall bouncing, do they feel cheap? Are the dome stick reliable and has anyone opened the scuf controller and able to change their thumb stick if they wanted too? Thank you for your replies, if you reply