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Epic Citadel on PS Vita (wanting to test it please)

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    Epic Citadel on PS Vita (wanting to test it please)

    Greetings Epic Games. Thank you for your awesome games and your worldwide, effective and polyvalent engine.
    I really enjoyed the Epic Citadem demo on iphone. It was the reason why I purchased both Infinity Blade and Infinity Blade II.

    Last year, when you were tech-demoing the PS Vita (its name was NGP at that time), you showed the Epic Citadel running on it. I was astonished by it again as if I saw another demo since you could go to wider areas with snow effects, soldiers, and many more features. It was very pleasent to see.

    You surely, guessed what my request will be. I would like to see this updated demo release on PSVita and PS Store at launch, the PS Vita is lacking some rocking apps at launch and this one would be very nice to see and test.

    I hope you, you release it like you did for iOS, so whenever you will release Infinty Blade series on PS Vita or other games, we will be more tempted to buy them.

    Thank you in advance.

    It has been a while and the SDK for the Vita has matured, along with the SGX drivers. Is there any chance that we could get Epic Citadel released on the PS Store?