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What time can build in Android OS for next UDK update?

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    What has that got to do with anything? The number of "app game", as you call it, on a platform's marketplace is completely meaningless. At least half the games on iOS and Android are clones of the other half and half the ones which aren't are hard to even call "games" in the first place. A lot of devs even clone their own games just to generate more sales of the same product with minor visual alterations. Mobile app marketplaces are a breeding ground for rubbish as virtually anything can be uploaded to them. Android is even worse for that as anything CAN be uploaded to google's marketplace without being certified first.

    So, in summary, the amount of "app game" released on the platforms means absolutely nothing when discussing the platforms success and their marketplaces and so on. It has even less relevance when discussing how long it will take Epic to push support for Android down from UE3 to UDK.


      i hope in future versions UDK support android...


        Originally posted by vahid67 View Post
        i hope in future versions UDK support android...
        yes , me too !
        but feb 2012 UDK not yet support it ... so sad.


          Originally posted by tegleg View Post
          android is available for the full licence holders afaik.
          'full licence' meaning the full ue3 engine and source code.
          just for android 4 would be a waste of time for everyone, hardly anyone even has android 3. im an android developer myself so i know this for a fact.

          "Hardly anyone even has android 3."

          Android 3 was a fork for tablets which got reined back in with Ice Cream Sandwich. Whenever their carriers and OEMs get around to it, a lot (not A LOT, but a lot) of Gingerbread phones will be upgraded directly to Ice Cream Sandwich. Honeycomb is not really an "intermediate version".


            I assume that Epic will probably keep the Android support to full UE3 licensing, because the support involved is probably significantly higher with the wide variety of Android devices. That's just a guess, AFAIK Epic hasn't stated why they've held back the Android support, but it seems rather logical to me.

            I'm not trying to debate "fragmentation" in any sort of silly iOS versus Android fanbois war, just that the support issues are a reality of the differences between the platforms.