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  • Supported resolutions

    I have noticed that UDK seems to support only specific resolutions, and will not just simply scale it to any number of pixels you specify.

    I am wondering, is there a list of these resolutions anywhere?
    I am making my options menu and would like to know which resolutions I can/should add buttons for.

    Also, has something happened to fullscreen? Previously when using console command all you had to do was to type in "f" or "w" at the end of your resolution, but the console command does not seem to function anymore if I do that.

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    Anyone? It's been a while and I still need this.

    Still can't get fullscreen to toggle. Is there any specific command for fullscreen now? It would be very nice to have a single command to toggle it, so that I don't have to have two buttons for each resolution, one for windowed, one for fullscreen.

    Can you do this through script instead perhaps? I couldn't find any info on it.

    Edit: Or perhaps any other way?


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      The windowed and fullscreen toggling using the setres command works fine for me. And you should be able to set it to run at any resolution supported by your graphics card.


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        Setres is still
        SETRES [Width]x[Height][f|w]
        as mentioned by the UDN right?

        Using f just makes the resolution not change at all nor go into fullscreen as if the resolution is not supported for me.


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          What exactly are you entering in the console?


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            Setres 1920x1080f

            Same result with any resolution.
            They work with both w or no denotion.

            I have used it in older versions of UDK just fine.

            There was someone who said he had to use True/False to toggle windowed/Fullscreen, but I haven't gotten that to work either.

            I have to clarify that I have to stick with the 2011-07 version though, my project is beyond the point where porting is feasible.

            Edit: I just tried it on a fresh install of the latest version, it has the same issue.

            The true/false also has an effect now, but fullscreen will still not work.

            Edit: I'd also like to note that setting it to the same resolution as the screen doesn't make it cover the whole screen for some reason, there's still some space on the right side, maximizing doesn't do anything either.
            In case that would give a clue to the reason of the issue.


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              AHA, SCALE DECR AND SCALE INCR YOU SLIMY BASTARDS! I got you at last!
              What do they really do anyway? I know is says "increase and decreases the percentage of the screen" but I can't see any noticable difference other than blurring out for a fraction of a second.
              All I did was Scale down and back up and it would work fine, even though it's at the same level it was already at.