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    Graphical settings

    Seeing as my current project is starting to reach a a state of being a somewhat usable prototype or proof of concept, I realized it might be on time I look into how to control some settings.

    Where is the various graphical settings controlled, what I need most at the moment is some antialiasing, as I have a lot of thin, wringly models that just looks like a mess of pixels at the moment.

    antialias nowadays is controlled from postprocess. make sure your postprocess is accessable from code and make a menu to change its setting. I myself didn't bother with the non-postfx-aa.
    the rest are pretty much just console commands like 'scale set X' for any setting you want to change, 'setres X' to change the resolution, and mabe using the DefaultCompat.ini file (which I used solely for a 'texture quality' option)