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need help makeing a game.

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    need help makeing a game.

    hello i am a game maker well i hope to be but i am not sure if udk can do all that i am thinking off and i need professional info and help.

    i am looking and hopeing to make a special mmorpg game with near endless possibility's and things to do but i am not sure if i can and need help.

    1 i want to make a very detailed level up system with many skills / abilites (like summon fire imps or fire a lightning bolt or freeze a enemy still.) states (like strength agility and more) plus talents (like passive abilitys like aura Example: arua of healing that heals you and party members and minions/allies)

    2 be able to make items like alchemy potions and haveing to get the required parts to make it.

    3 jobs like alchemy and cooking and more.

    4 ALOT of weapons and armors and a inventory system and inventory addons.

    i know a few examples fro other games but this game i want to make on my own but need help.

    please respond and thank you.

    Sure, that's all very possible. But not unless you know UnrealScript or know someone who does. Even then, it's a lot of work.


      You need to take one step at the time, and implement each little detail one thing at the time.

      There's really nothing we can help you with here, just pick one small and basic thing and start working, go through tutorials and ask for specifics if you need anything.

      But one thing I will say right away:
      i am looking and hopeing to make a special mmorpg game with near endless possibility's and things to do
      This will not happen. Simply won't.
      One person with limited funding simply cannot make this. Hell, a regular MMO is huge challenge for AAA studios with massive teams.



        An MMO is way over the top if you don't have any experience in game development or with the UDK at all. It's all nice and fine that you want to do XYZ stuff that sounds good in concept, but you should stay realistic with what YOU can do and what can be done at all. I also would like to make a game that motivates the player forever and has endless content and that wins the GOTY award, but just because I want it doesn't mean it will actually happen.


          ideas to maybe help and replys

          i know it will be very hard and take alot of work but i really want to do this and i do have some experience with the editor but i dont know how to make interfaces and items that work with it.

          i have started on some of the planing and have drawn some and writen some of the things i want to start with but here are the questions i have and need help with.

          1 how do i make a working mmorpg interface that i can add things to like adding panels for more options.

          2 how can i make items interacte with it and make a exp system and monsters and all of the monster info.

          i am new to this but i am learning fast and want to learn how to do all this and i am ready to.


            Those aren't questions people can answer, you need to go through and learn more about the game engine.

            You might be really excited about it--but realize that type of thing takes hundreds of experienced people years to make


              myself and my gf are willing to take these classes to learn these things. its our dream to do these things. why get a job at something u dont wanna do unless its a stepping stone? we are willing to works yrs on this game that we are planning to make.


                questions about hud s

                can i make a custom hud? that i can still use my mouse on? like i use w a s d to move then i can use my mouse to click on monsters or enemies and inventory?


                  You would use Scaleform for that--which means you need to know how to use Flash.

                  And again, it's good to want to do this stuff, but you're not going to be able to do it all on your own, if you want to ever get something accomplished then you need to figure out a project that is more reasonable. A 2 year project isn't terrible, but a game as you've described is way way more than you could reasonably accomplish. Just because of the amount of work needed, there's not enough time.


                    i know

                    i know but i do have a starting point of where i wanna start its just i dont know a few things.

                    1 i want to start with a small begining part in a small town

                    2 have a sword a bow some arrows and a few abilities and picks ups and a few pieces of armor (arrows ammo mana and potions and more)

                    question is it possible

                    i know this will take work and a TON of time and i am ready to do what i can and if others want to help then great if i have to do it alone then ok too i want to do this i really want to and will try atleast.

                    i dont knwo if its not possible cause i havent tried it yet to see its impossible.


                      Is it technically possible? Yes.

                      Is it realisticly possible? Not in the slightest.

                      It really isn't a matter of dedication.

                      Start simpler.


                        Do like me... start with a simple pacman game.



                          These guys are giving you very good advice. A MMO is a monster to make. There is just too much content, scripting, and networking knowledge needed for a small team to pull off in a short amount of time with UDK. There are other engines that would be better for what you are wanting to do. I will not mention them here, as it is against the rules, but do a little digging.

                          As to you questions.

                          If you really wanna start an MMO, you will need a landscape 1st. And you will need to learn how to create a very detailed one at that. Then after you have the LS completed, you will nee to build a small town to mess around with. This will include custom characters, menu's, HUD, Props, building, mobs, and foliage. This is a very small list just to get started.

                          The #1 one thing you will need for an MMO is a highly detailed GDD(Game Design Document). This will explain all actions, architecture, systems, HUD, menu's and gameplay in so much detail that an artist or a scripter could read it, and know exactly what they need to do. No, I am not talking about 25 pages. I am talking about 200+ pages, like Runes of Magic had for their GDD. This document will be your guide as to how you build the game, and expand on the landscape you have created.

                          It took the Creators of Tera, another Unreal MMO, 5 years of production and 200+ people working 40+ hours a week. 2 people could create a very small MMO in that time frame, but it would be very small. Like a couple of towns small.

                          We are not trying to discourage you, just trying to bring you down a little closer to Earth, so you do not get discouraged.

                          Now, I have a suggestion for you. If you take your idea, and narrow it down to a RPG. You will have the experience you want after you finish it. Also, you actually might get some funding for a MMO made from it. It is a very long shot, but better than 2 people trying to make a MMO on their own.

                          Or you could make a small demo, and sell your idea to another game company. That is a little harder to do, but can be done.