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Would this be my own Game?

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    Would this be my own Game?

    Would this be classed as my own game if i continued. Ive made a a folder in the UDK/Development/SRC called Kaboom. In that folder i created another folder called classes. Ive downloaded 2010 intergated Shell from MS website and also downloaded Nfringe using the non commercial licence. I have created a simple map and called it "test_bed" using what i new from ages ago. I then gone into the folder UDK/Config/DefaultEngine.ini and under.


    i have put


    as its the title of the test game. I then have gone in the Development folder and SRC folder into my Kaboom classes folder and created a Kaboom_GameInfo.uc script. In that script i have put

    class Kaboom_GameInfo extends UDKGame;

    I then have opend the unreal frontend and under Maps to cook i added my Test_bed Map and in profies in unrealfrontend i have chosen DM-Deck UDKGame on PC. I then clicked the script button at the top and chose Full Recompile. After this was completed it said it in green Succeeded and said

    Scripts successfully compiled - saving package 'C:\UDK\UDK-2011-11\Binaries\Win32\..\..\UDKGame\Script\Kaboom.u'

    I then open the UDK editor where you make the maps and opend my test_bed map. I then went to view on the tool bar at the top and into world properties. I then opend the tab Game Type. In that tab i changed Default Game Type to. Kaboom_Info and in Game Type for PIE i changed to UDKGame and pressed the build all button and then tried playing the map and everything was working and it had the hud and etc from udk it self. After this worked i left the Default Game Type as Kaboom_GameInfo and changed Hame Type For Pie to Kaboom_GameInfo and when i pressed the build all button and tried the map it had what i created but a blank hud etc.

    Would this be classed as my own game if i used my own scripts etc in my kaboom class folder or used kismit or even add other things like a hud?.

    Sorry if this dont make sence and thanks for any info. By the way i called this test kaboom because every time i try something with the UDK most of the time it goes Kaboom and quits. :P.

    yes, no, er well untill you create something its UDKGame really ist it?


      Originally posted by tegleg View Post
      yes, no, er well untill you create something its UDKGame really ist it?
      I already saw people who provided the cooked version of the UTGame demo and called it their own game.


        I'd say your going the right way, and afaik YES


          Ok this is what ive done so far to install as my own project.

          Ive downloaded the latest version which is UDKInstall-2011-11-BETA. I installed this in location. C:\UDK\UDK-2011-11 and changed the name install to. C:\UDK\KaboomDev-2011-11. After the install has done i click return to desktop and click finished.

          I then go into UDK\KaboomDev-2011-11\UDKGame\Config.

          I open up the DefaultEngineUDK.ini file. In this file i change.

          bEnableSteam=false (true to false so steam dont open)
          Then under [Core.System] i add +Paths=..\..\KaboomSource at the very top like this.

          Under [UnrealEd.EditorEngine] i add +EditPackages=Kaboom below +EditPackages=UDKBase like this.

          FRScriptOutputPath=..\..\UDKGame\ScriptFinalReleas e

          I then save it and close the DefaultEngineUDK.

          I then open the DefaultEngine.ini file and under [UnrealEd.EditorEngine] i put +EditPackages=Kaboom like this.

          I then save the file and close. I have seen some where it says that to delete all ini files in the config with out the word Default in is this true?.

          I now open Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 intergrated shell and open a new Project. I select in Templates UnrealEngine3 Licence Project. In name i call it Kaboom. I then set location to C:\UDK\KaboomDev-2011-11\Development\Src. I also uncheck the Create directory for solution and click OK.

          In the solution Explorer i right click Kaboom and go to Add new item. Another diolog box comes up. Under Templates i click UnrealScript File. For the name i call it. KaboomGameInfo then i click the Add button which makes the start of the gameinfo script. I close this and press save.

          I then go into C:\UDK\KaboomDev-2011-11\Development\Src and a folder called Kaboom has been created with using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 intergrated shell and nfringe. I go into the Kaboom folder and there are 4 files which are. .sln, .suo, .ucprog and the .uc file script.

          I make a new folder in C:\UDK\KaboomDev-2011-11\Development\Src\Kaboom called classes and put the .uc script file KaboomGameInfo into the classes folder.

          I then open the UDK Editor and it says something about the script changes and i press yes and that console comes up but everything is fine and reopen udk and it works. I go to file new amd make a blank map. I make a very basic map with only a floor light and player start. I save this as test_bed and close the Editor.

          I open Unreal Frontend and under maps to cook i add my test_bed map. On the tool bar at the top where it says scripts i click that and press the full recompile. This finishes with success and C:\UDK\KaboomDev-2011-11\Binaries\Win32\..\..\UDKGame\Script\UTGameConte nt.u is a success. I go into the script folder in the UDKGame and the kaboom.u file is there.

          I no youve reply to the origanl ? already but i just updated this with a thew extra ways of doing it.

          Thanks in advance.


            What i also done is created a folder in KaboomDev-2011-11 called KaboomSource where all of the map file etc will go and can look at it in the content brwser in the UDK it self.

            Just a sec bit more update needed so the gameinfo file can be seen in the Editor.

            EDIT When i created the KaboomGameInfo file when added the script. The script was like this.

            class KaboomGameInfo extends Object;


            so i changed it to

            class KaboomGameInfo extends UDKGame;


            Then i open the UDKEditor and opend my map and went to View Worldproperties and opend up the GameType Tab. There i put. Default Game Type. KaboomGameInfo and Game Type For Pie KaboomGameInfo. I press build all and played the map.

            Everything is ok and as expected there is no hud or anything but can still walk around the map.


              ok that looks like youre doing it right, although i dont know about the visual studio bit, i use context or blocknotes.
              DefaultEngineUDK.ini gets overwritten by DefaultEngine.ini so theres no need to do anything with that.
              all the ****UDK.ini's get created fresh when you compile, sometimes you have to delete the ***udk.ini for it to register any changes.

              so your game is just an empty level where you can do nothing?
              if so, that is your own game.

              ill say it again in a different way.
              if you dont create any gameplay elements that are not already in UDKGame than this is UDKGame created by Epic and not your own.
              although the level you created could be thaught of as a gameplay element and would make it your own game.

              the title of your thread kind of doesnt fit with your posts.
              do you want to know if you are doing the right things to set it up?
              yes is the answer to that.

              are you asking if an empty level using UDKGame gametype is your own game?
              the answer is yes, but the question i have is whats the point of that?


                I just wanted to see if i could do it but ive uninstalled UDK and installed it again and starting out from begining again. .

                Thanks for help though.