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A few questions involving lighting, texture filtering and alpha maps vs shader.

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    A few questions involving lighting, texture filtering and alpha maps vs shader.

    Pretty basic questions I am sure but would love some advice .

    Firstly below is a screenshot of a hallway I am constructing. I have decided to make everything as modular as possibly within my level. However as you will be able to see my walls look like paint colour sample card :P. Is there anyway to fix this at all?

    Second question is. I have a material applied to the floor (bsp); however it seems to have some extreme filtering on it.

    Its even more extreme when walking around since you only see (1/18th) of the higher res version over the rest. So is there any way of increasing the filtering?

    Thirdly. Is it better to create glass (performance wise) with the use of an alpha map or a simple piece of geomatry that has a shader which makes it translucent.

    Alot to ask and probably boringly simple but I am super busy/stressed so if anyone is willing to answer these I will be massively grateful

    Actually ignore the 3rd question actually since making a material == shader anyway? sorry wasting time lol.


      Texture sampling all looks correct for trilinear filtering. I think the major issue is your lighting. Where you have seams between your wall meshes for example, you're going to get seams in your lighting.


        Long walls like that shouldn't be made out of many tiny wall pieces, the game will spend more time making draw calls for each of those than rendering them
        Anyway, do you have lightmap UV's for them? What's the lightmap resolution like?