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    GPL Resources usable ?

    I saw someone else talk about using external resources, I'm personally a c++ programmer and i wanna make a game, or a bunch of good ones maybe someday make cash doing that, but with udk maybe using also GPL code and models, could one make an open source game, perhaps to build a community and seek donations, for fun, practice, or even mmo/item shop or other cash style that's still pure to gpl, within udk rules too? So if i borrow the celestia models and some space ship models from another gpl game or something like vendetta or freespace online, or even make some, assuming i give my 'mod' of udk out free, is that cool with everybody ? I'd also post any modded source and other pro-gpl things, maybe with a 'tech support' and features request online web forum, with custom versions maybe an option too, or maybe a mmo-style server with item shop....does udk do multiplayer good ? maybe a meta-instanced mmo, so the central server just does matchmaking and local server picking, then spawning the game there, perhaps server runs on lots of players for p2p style hack checking too...or even a hack resistant game perhaps, do people team up ? I'd love to chat with people who use this, about whatever, maybe hang out here a bit hopin to make a nice game....

    I'm not much of a 3d modeler personally, maybe someone wants to group up with diverse skills ? No committment or monogamy required too

    How about a 3d game based on making models and animations ? Perhaps with tools like 'forge' and 'hammer' and 'anvil', player might control the hammer swing and direction, then some code to heat up metal in the forge, hammer when soft vs anvil to squish / add vertices and mod textures too perhaps, then quench and calculate stats or otherwise flow into a smithing game, or into 3d modeling from there....also does udk support my nvidia 3d glasses ? Finally, halfway gpl and halfway proprietary, if anyone has resources maybe post a mailing list for teamwork and sharing, so some people can post .jpegs of models, some just overviews of code, then if code guy likes model girl (or etc ;p ), then can contact each other and team up hopefully, even making more than 1 game, or perhaps just chatting a bit and looking for others or goin alone too :P

    Short answer, no. GPL license does not mix with other licenses and UDK itself does not have a GPL license. The only kind of content you could use are with very liberal licenses, such as the Free Art License.