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Feature Request: import texture and make material

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    Feature Request: import texture and make material

    Here's a feature that I think would save a lot of time, and is to my knowledge not already included.

    How about a feature to (when I am importing new textures) have UDK automatically create materials that use those textures.
    Often times I am importing a large selection of textures to be made into several simple materials; and often enough I am importing a group textures all for one material. Most of the textures I import are for simple materials that just need a texture plugged into the right channel. Even when I do create something special, I still almost always just have a simple texture put right into the diffuse and a simple texture plugged right into the normal. Even when I don't have that as the final result I still start with that.
    And creating a new material, opening it up in the material editor, switching back to the content browser, searching for the correct texture, and then importing that texture, and then repeating the process again for the same material... That's a lot of time spend doing something that the editor could do for me.

    I would like to be able to create some materials automatically when I import textures. Nothing special, just take a single texture and plug it into the diffuse channel. That alone saves me a lot of work. If I can also select a single texture to put into the normal channel I again save a lot of work.

    This could even work as an operation separate from the import function; if I could select a large list of texture2D's from the content browser and hit a command that says "mass create simple material" and it makes a material for each texture with said texture plugged into the diffuse channel. And then a second operation to drop in textures for the normal channels. There are a number of ways to select the appropriate textures to be associated with the same material; from arranging the names of the materials on a list to match a proper order, to simply having each diffuse map displayed one at a time and clicking on the normal I want it to use. (With the list of normal separating or indicating the ones I've selected already selected to make finding the right one easier each time.)
    Personally, I don't think it would take too much effort for UDK to read the file names of my textures, and after I select one diffuse and its matching normal, it should be able to realize what normals match with what diffuse if I used a simple naming convention. Even if the process was only right 80% of the time, that is still 80% of my time that just got saved.

    Check the "Create Material?" option, select what to link the RGB and/or Alpha outputs to, click OK.