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Hunted: Demon's Forge

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    Hunted: Demon's Forge

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but my search didn´t turn anything up.

    How difficult would be to create a a game like Hunted the demon's forge?(Game play wise, shader/graphicsqanimation/assets, are not a problem)

    I know that the game was made with unreal engine, but I assume they had source access, and Want to know how hard it would be to reproduce it´s gameplay aspects in UDK, since I want to make a game that shares many of it's gameplay aspects.

    Does anyone know this?

    thank you.

    Probably very easy, seeing as it's basically Gears of War with more melee and a dark fantasy setting.


      there seem to be a couple more things than GOW(Although i only played about 5 minutes of GOW), like the magic system, enemy health display(though this seem easy to do using canvas)

      and different playable character with different abilities(not just different meshes)

      and how difficult would it be to implement this GOW features(Since there is only sample UT3 features in the UDK)?

      and the melee?

      Have you played this game?

      thank you for your time.


        Skullking remember that it was a team making this game in about 8 months. You cant make a game like this alone, Just Saying...


          I know that, However I am only thinking on gameplay elements, things like meshes, shaders, sounds etc, will be just place holders for a while.. Just enought to get a proof of concept working. And I have a lot longer than 8 months in mind.

          Nor do I intend to do the game completely on my own. But with a working proof of concept it will be easier to pitch this to my team.

          the 2p experience is not necessary for now. Nor is the cover system, a simple "duck" button is ok for me. But I would like to implement the combat and magic system very much(including inventory).