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Forum search system : useless tool since the vBulletin update ?

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    Forum search system : useless tool since the vBulletin update ?

    Hello everybody,

    it looks like the last update of the forum some months ago, the search engine for vBulletin have changed.
    I feel it's very annoying since we can't specify anymore the section of the forum where we want to make a search.
    Since the update we have lost a lot of options in the advanced search tool.
    It's very useless for making programming related search about the UDK.

    I'm the only one who think that ?
    Of course I can try to use google, but it's not always the best way to directly search into a specific section on a specific subject.

    My bad ! Why it's always when I find solution thaht I open my mouth ?
    Sorry for the inconvenient, but the advanced search is on "Search Multiple Content Types" by default, simply switch the the other tab will go back to the classic search.

    It's a proof that I'm still not accustomed to the new forum !

    Again, sorry for making this thread, it can be deleted if Moderators want.

    It defaults to searching multiple content types. Click the Search Single Content Type tab and you have the normal options.


      Thank you ! =D


        OMG, I've been away a long time, and I just spent 40 minutes trying to figure this out

        Well, at least now I know how to do it


          Yeah it's not very obvious, I was confused by it too.