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Engine for CG Short Movie

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    Engine for CG Short Movie

    [This is not a red vs blue thread]

    Hi everybody. I am going to start a project of creating a CG short movie(remake on a very old famous short) using a high profile game engine.

    Now let me first clear my position. I know other option is to use other 3d application like Blender, Maya or Max. But I want to make it in this way. I am fully aware of current game development pipeline and how they work.

    The only question is, which engine I am going to pick for this task. So far I have narrowed down into two engines, one is UDK and another is CryEngine.

    The only question is, which engine has more features between this two? I still dont know how I am going to tackle some specific scene, but I am assuming that the engine with most features / most flexibility will help me to sort out things on the fly. Because both of them are AAA engine, I am assuming both has a flexiable working framework that will help me to twiek shaders and post processing stuff and everything else that I want.

    So, is they any high profile user who can give me an techincal overview of this two engines, and comparing the features? More specifically which has the longest list on features?

    Note that, this is not going to be real time. I am going to boil it down to a movie file.

    Thanks in advance.

    Engine comparisons are not allowed here so donĀ“t hope to get any detailed answers...
    That said:
    Use UDK ... I experimented with both engines and that is my personal conclusion when it comes to CG movies ...



      I was just asking which one has more feature then the other. Surely this is not going to start a flame war! or do they?


        Engine comparisons and discussion of other engines is not allowed.